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Faith Friday Project

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Christmas Ministry Campaign

We want to forever change Christmas around the world.  Businesses have used this time of reflection and celebration of God's greatest gift to mankind to affect their bottom line, but it has been said so well, "Jesus is the reason for the season!" 

Help us change the tenor of the Christmas season by joining the Faith Friday Project Christmas Infantry!  We are looking for 100,000 foot soldiers to dawn a Faith Friday Project shirt each Friday throughout the month of December.  Wear your Faith while you are shopping, attending an informal Christmas Party, or just walking the malls: let Jesus speak to the people as they read your shirt.

Don't hesitate.  Purchase your shirt now and join the team.  Be ready for the Christmas ministry of Faith Friday Project!

Purchase your shirt and tell someone!

Use the search bar in the header to find your city and purchase your shirt.

Join the greatest evangelism ministry of our generation.
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