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Faith Friday Project

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There’s So Much to come, but right now, we are focusing on


The Faith Friday Project is a division of Mobile Evangelism (ME).  ME creates Christian clothing and memorabilia to help believers generate conversations with unbelievers and inspire Christians.  It was there the idea of The Faith Friday Project was born, using our products to create the greatest evangelism project of our generation: The Faith Friday Project!

At ME, it is our goal to bring The Gospel of Jesus Christ to the streets of our cities for indirect evangelism, as well as to encourage the hearts of those who believe. Collectively, we make up a ministry that is multicultural and interdenominational.  We are choosing to unify around the Name of Jesus, no longer permitting our points of contention to continue separating us.  We do realize ME is not for everybody, but it is for those who want to take advantage of every opportunity to point unbelievers to Jesus and encourage those we don’t know by seeing us working the same parts of the vineyard every first Friday.

We are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ because it is still the power of God to gain salvation, but we do have some brothers and sisters who are shy by nature as well as some who don't believe they know enough to defend their beliefs yet.  If that is you, don’t let those obstacles hinder you any longer. How perfect is Mobile Evangelism for you?  Simply put on your shirt every first Friday, and go along with your normal public routine, letting the shirt minister for you.

So, join us for this interdenominational, multicultural, international ministry every first Friday, as we literally wear our Faith, becoming walking billboards for Jesus!


Thank you for your support!

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